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NhiLe Team

NhiLe Team is a business of young Vietnamese talents working together to provide optimal solutions and diverse services on a digital platform to meet customers' unique needs.

We have more than 300 members that are young, passionate, dedicated and understand market trends. Especially, we know how to arrange, work as a team and bring together efficiency through our projects: NhiLe Official, Kid. K, Ms Nhi Podcast, Spice&Nice, …

We provide services such as: social media support, Web/App development, digital marketing, graphic design ... to help our customers build credibility, bring products/services closer to users quickly and conveniently.

The customers that we are targeting are individuals and businesses. They are short of human resources or need to build a Marketing strategy to develop the brand and promote products/services to users on all social networking platforms.

In the process of working, we realize that for a puzzle to be complete, It takes all the pieces, patience and a suitable strategy. This is why we offer customers our best solutions to adapt to the rapidly changing digital world.

Understanding the fast-growing trends of digital and communication technology, we combine these platforms with smart strategies to build trust and connection with customers.

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Customers Talk About Us

Douglas Stevenson

I've been working with Team Nhile for the past 12 weeks, and they have demonstrated an extremely high level of professionalism and mastery in how they have executed the media strategy to help me build my subscriber base. They are extremely meticulous and detailed, and very proactive in their approach.

There are not many teams that I have worked with that operate so systematically and produce impeccable quality in a consistent and predictable manner. They find gems even with my current content and repurpose them in ways that are creative and innovative.
They have been amazing to work with, and have constantly exceeded my expectations. They play at a gradient that has become a tough act for others to follow.
10 stars out of 5!

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Our Team

NhiLe Team Leaders

Personal Branding Development

Đức Danh

Digital Marketing

Thanh Thuỳ

Interior Design

Hữu Kiền

Video Editor

Hiếu Thiện

Graphic Design

Tâm (Monica)

Website & App Development

Khắc Sơn

Social Media Support

Minh Luyến

Human Resources


Project Manager

Lý Thiên Hương

Project Manager

Hoài Thuy

Colead Website

Ngô Đức Quân